Mersing’s Sumptuous Secrets: Top 14 Mersing Food You Probably Never Knew Existed

Mersing’s Sumptuous Secrets: Top 14 Mersing Food You Probably Never Knew Existed

Hello fellow foodies! Today we are inspired to share with you some of the best Mersing food you can not really resist. For your information, Mersing may seems to be a small town in Johor. However, this small town here connects you to some of the most famous islands in Johor, which are Tioman Island and Rawa Island. Before you hop onto your ferry, here are some good Mersing food you don’t really want to miss! Keep reading!

  1. Brother Joe Ikan Bakar & Seafood
  2. Nasi Dagang Mak Yah Mersing
  3. Sri Mersing Café
  4. The Port Café @ Mersing Jetty
  5. Mersing Seafood Restaurant (乐园海鲜酒家)
  6. Loke Tien Yuen Restaurant
  7. T&K Seafood Restaurant (丰盛港食為鲜海鲜餐馆)
  8. Satey Teluk Iskandar
  9. Restoran Hai Soon
  10. Medan Ikan Bakar Endau
  11. Dee Beach Tomyam Seafood Mersing
  12. Restoran Makanan Laut Yong Seng

  1. Brother Joe Ikan Bakar & Seafood

Wandering around Mersing town finding the best food with reasonable price? Head over to Brother Joe Ikan Bakar & Seafood which located at Kampung Mersing Kanan. This restaurant can be found easily as it is situated not far away from Mersing Jetty. Besides, you will definitely love the ambiance of this restaurant as it is situated right along the bay. Brother Joe Ikan Bakar & Seafood restaurant serves mainly Malay styled cuisines.

If you wish to have some delicious seafood, there are plenty of selections just for you here. To name a few, this restaurant serves various type of fishes, clam, squid, prawn, and even lobster. Not only the price is highly affordable and satisfying, the dishes served here also receive tons of positive review. The restaurant also serves fried rice, kuey teow, and fried noodles to fill your tummy up. Browse up their menu for your favorite local dishes!

We highly recommend you to try their grilled lobster. Not to mention its highly affordable price, its size will definitely leave you drooling. After your meal, chill with a cold coconut drink and relax with the ocean breeze.

Additional Information:
Address: J80, Kampung Mersing Kanan, 86800 Mersing, Johor.
Operating Hours: Daily 2.30pm – 12.30am
Phone: 013-701 7011
Website: Brother Joe Ikan Bakar & Seafood

  1. Nasi Dagang Mak Yah Mersing

Nasi Dagang is one of the Malaysian dishes made of steamed rice with coconut milk, fish curry, and many more ingredients. You must definitely try out this Nasi Dagang if you are looking for something not too full, but can fill you up as breakfast. Nasi Dagang Mak Yah is one of the local favorites in Mersing town. Nasi Dagang Mak Yah is located in Kampung Bahagia. We highly recommend you to try out their Nasi Dagang because the fish curry tastes really rich in flavor, and the portion is highly reasonable.

Not only this stall sells Nasi Dagang, but there are also other foods being sold here. There are also various kuih-muih for you to choose from. If you are not into Nasi Dagang, you may try out their Nasi Lemak too. The price for every dishes and kuih-muih being sold here at this stall are highly affordable. We guarantee that you will definitely get more than you pay for. To name a few of the kuih-muih available here, there are layers cake, karipap, and many else.

Take note that all foods will be sold within 2 hours upon opening. If you are visiting this stall to grab some breakfast, make sure to queue up as early as possible before the stall starts operating!

Additional Information:
Address: Kampung Bahagia, 86800 Mersing, Johor.
Operating Hours: Daily 7am – sold out, closed on Friday
Phone: 017-714 6041
Website: Nasi Dagang Mak Yah Mersing

  1. Sri Mersing Café

Want something not too heavy for breakfast during your trip in Mersing town? Sri Mersing Cafe might be one of your choices for breakfast here in Mersing. Do not get fooled by its name. This cafe is not those air-conditioned cafe you can simply find in every town. Instead, Sri Mersing Cafe is just only a traditional kopitiam owned by Chinese locals in Mersing. The reason we are suggesting this place to have your breakfast in Mersing town is because this cafe serve authentic butter kaya toast. Trust us, it tastes really good!

Get yourself some authentic and traditional brewed coffee and toast with kaya and butter spread before getting into your adventurous trip! You can also get one of the native product of Mersing here! Sri Mersing Cafe produce also homemade kaya spread. Its taste was surprisingly rich in coconut flavor. Pandan flavored kaya spread is also available too! Besides, this cafe also sells cakes which will definitely hook up your good old times memories.

Additional Information:
Address: 63, Jalan Sulaiman, Mersing Kechil, 86800 Mersing, Johor.
Operating Hours: Daily 8am – 6pm
Phone: –
Website: –

  1. The Port Café @ Mersing Jetty

Craving for western food in Mersing town? Yes, this little town include also western dishes in its food lists! The Port Cafe is situated just a couple of walking distance from Mersing jetty. This restaurant was extremely crowded especially during night time. If you ask why, who does not want to hang out during night time nearby the beach with good foods and drinks available? Not to mention the foods being served in this restaurant are extremely delicious, and it comes with satisfying prices too!

The Port Cafe serves mainly western dishes. To name a few, you can find pastas, pizzas, and also sandwiches if you prefer something not too heavy. We highly recommend you to try out their signature Fettuccine Carbonara and Fruity De Mare Pizza. Fruity De Mare Pizza is a pizza you cant find it easily at any other places, the ingredients are made from mixed seafood and the portions is really satisfying! Besides, they even offer you to customize your own pizza according to your preference at specific price.

Do not worry as this restaurant is one of the Halal restaurant here in Mersing. Get some really good Mersing food here along with its relaxing ambiance!

Additional Information:
Address: Jalan Abu Bakar, Taman Mersing, 86800 Mersing, Johor.
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am – 12am; Sunday 10am – 12.30am
Phone: 07-799 7982
Website: –

  1. Mersing Seafood Restaurant (乐园海鲜酒家)

Mersing food will always be incomplete without seafood in its list. If you are carvings on seafood, you must definitely pay a visit to Mersing Seafood Restaurant. You can identify this restaurant easily by referring to the mandarin words listed at the title section. Mersing Seafood Restaurant gains its popularity throughout the years by offering the freshest seafood straight from the port to its customers. Besides, the price of dishes offered here are relatively cheap compare to other seafood restaurants.

Not to mention that you can dine comfortably in this restaurant as air-condition was equipped. The staffs were also relatively friendly and hygiene are above standards. We strongly recommend to try on their signature Fried Battered Squid with Salted Egg. This dish is the most popular among locals and travelers. Besides, there are tons of other dishes as well. To name a few among the best, they offered also Clay Pot Bean Curd,  KangKung Belacan, Gong Bao Shark Meat, and many others.

If you do not really know what to order, simply ask any of the staffs for recommendations. They are friendly and willing to suggest you on which dishes are among the most popular.

Additional Information:
Address: No. 56, Jalan Ismail, Mersing Kechil, 86800 Mersing, Johor.
Operating Hours: Daily 12pm – 9.30pm
Phone: 07-799 2550
Website: –

  1. Loke Tien Yuen Restaurant

In the town of Mersing, there are a lot of seafood restaurant that added up into the list of Mersing food. Except the one mentioned previously, there are another seafood restaurant that are popular among locals and travelers, which is Loke Tien Yuen Restaurant. This restaurant also uses the freshest ingredients straight from the port, and every dishes is prepared by experienced chef. Besides, the staffs were also friendly even in peak hours.

The signature dish of this restaurant goes to their Steamed Grouper. The textures of the meat are soft and it matches perfectly with its light soy sauce gravy. You can even taste the sweetness of fish flesh from this dish. Besides, there are also other dishes which are also popular as well. To name a few, you may try out their signature steamed duck, sweet and sour pork, and also pork rib with bitter guard.

The price is considered reasonable along with its standards. If you wish to have your dinner here, take note that you are advised to make your bookings or reservations before you drop by at this restaurant as it is always full-house.

Additional Information:
Address: 55, Jalan Abu Bakar, Mersing Kechil, 86800 Mersing, Johor.
Operating Hours: Daily 12.30pm – 3am
Phone: 07-799 1639
Website: Loke Tien Yuen Restaurant

  1. T&K Seafood Restaurant (丰盛港食為鲜海鲜餐馆)

Up next, T&K Seafood Restaurant is also one of your best choice for Mersing food. Similar to any other seafood restaurant in this town, they also serve sea-to-table seafood with reasonable price. We guarantee you will definitely not feeling regret dining at this restaurant. T&K Seafood Restaurant may seems to be simple from the outside of its restaurant, but trust us, the dishes are amazingly delicious. Every single dish are prepared by experienced chef and with the freshest ingredients straight from the port daily.

What is so special about T&K Seafood Restaurant? There are quite a number of fishes for you too choose from, you can even name any fish you like and they definitely have it! Next, choose the style you prefer your dish to be cooked, either in fried or steamed. The light soy sauce gravy will bring out the sweetness of the flesh if you choose to steam your fish. The signature dish in terms of fishes for T&K Seafood Restaurant will be their Steamed Siakap Fish.

Besides, there are also quite a number of other seafood you may like in this restaurant. To name a few, there are also squids, clams, crabs and even lobsters! The crabs here are also popular among diners, especially crabs that are cooked in black pepper sauce and butter. If you are type of people that are into spicy foods, you are recommended to try out their black pepper crabs. This dish do stand out in terms of the restaurant’s spicy foods as the coriander leaves and generous amount of black peppers are added into it.

Want to chill after your dinner? Order some ice cold beers and chill with your beloved family members after these tantalizing meals.

Additional Information:
Address: Lot 7411, Jalan Jemaluang, Taman Mersing, Mersing Kechil, Johor.
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 12pm – 3pm, 5.30pm – 11.30pm; Saturday and Sunday 12pm – 11.30pm
Phone: 019-770 9088
Website: T&K Seafood Restaurant

  1. Satey Teluk Iskandar

Barbecued meat, or commonly referred as “satey” in Malaysian language, is one of the local favorites in Malaysia. Satey Teluk Iskandar is said to be the best among any others stall in Mersing town, according to the locals. Every single stick is barbecued with the most traditional way, which is by using the charcoal. The experienced owner insist on using charcoal as he believed this will bring out the fragrance of the meat.

At this specific stall, each and every stick have generous amount of meat. Trust us, you would not be able to resist the juiciness of the meat just by smelling it. They serve a variety of meat including chicken, beef, and also lamb. Things get more exotic when they even have deer, and animals organ to choose from. All variety is priced differently but a thing in common, which are highly affordable and satisfying.

Additional Information:
Address: Lot 71, Kampung Teluk Iskandar, 86800 Mersing, Johor.
Operating Hours: Daily 5pm – 12.30am, closed on Thursday
Phone: 012-756 0853
Website: Satey Teluk Iskandar

  1. Restoran Hai Soon

Another Mersing food we would like to recommend will be Restoran Hai Soon. Every trip to Mersing must include this restaurant, which every single food ranging from egg noodles, fish balls, fish crackers,  to chili sauce is homemade here. The food that you must definitely check it out will be their egg noodles with fish balls. Although this dish may seems to be normal, their homemade culture make anything just taste even better.

Since the fish balls and egg noodles is homemade, there are no preservatives being added. Besides, the ingredients being used is fresh from the sea and generous amount of ingredients were used. Except for fish ball noodles, there are also rice and other dishes such as veggies. Before you leave, you can also grab some packs of fish crackers as this is one of the Mersing native product you can find. For those who does not like heavy meal, drop by here and have a bowl of fish ball noodles, we guarantee it will be so worth it!

Additional Information:
Address: 96-A, Jalan Jemaluang, Mersing Kechil, 86800 Mersing, Johor.
Operating Hours: –
Phone: 07-799 3572
Website: –

  1. Medan Ikan Bakar Endau

Among any other seafood restaurant in Mersing, Medan Ikan Bakar Endau may be the only Malay-styled seafood restaurant we would like to suggest. This restaurant is a floating restaurant can be recognized easily by the pink colored, fish and prawn styled neon sign. There are a wide variety of seafood for you to choose from. To name a few, there are prawns, squids, white pomfret, clams, hard shell crabs, and other fishes. Type of fishes available at that day will be depending on the daily catch, so not everything here are available daily.

Here at Medan Ikan Bakar Endau, the outstanding dish among all will be their signature Grilled Fish with Bitter Beans. Since bitter beans have been a favorite veggies among most of the Malaysians, the chef bring this dish to another level by adding homemade sambal sauce on top of it, which makes every bites more addictive. The fish is then served using a piece of banana leaf which increase its flavor and the portions of bitter beans being added is very generous.

Besides, you can also try out their Sambal Tumis Sotong. This squid delicacy becomes more appetizing when sambal sauce is added in. Spice kicks in every bites of it. For those who are not really into spicy foods, you can still feel free to try these dishes as the sambal sauce is not over spiced, instead, there are a dash of sweetness as sugar is added during the cooking process. Other popular dishes include Ikan Tiga Rasa, Salted Egg Crabs, Buttered Shrimps and many more.

Additional Information:
Address: Jalan Perisai 3, Kuala Endau, Johor, Malaysia.
Operating Hours: Daily 4pm – 1am
Phone: 018-789 3277 or 018-789 3277
Website: Medan Ikan Bakar Endau

  1. Dee Beach Tomyam Seafood Mersing

Dee Beach Tomyam Seafood Mersing is another restaurant where you can enjoy good Mersing food by the beach side. As its name said, this restaurant is famous for its tomyam delicacies. Not only its place is relaxing as it allows customers to enjoy to breeze and the view of sea front, but its tomyam delicacies have been receiving positive comments throughout the years.

If you are a Tomyam cuisines lover, you must definitely check out this restaurant. Their tomyam includes generous amount of seafood. To name a few, there are prawns, squids, enoki mushrooms, and occasionally there are clams being added. The broth is so rich in fragrance that you can even smell the fragrance of lemongrass and various herbs. Simply match with a bowl of rice, it will definitely be worth it!

Besides, Dee Beach Tomyam Seafood Restaurant also serves western dishes too! One of their popular dish will be their signature chicken chop. Every bites will be juiciness enough for you to say “WOW”! The secret of its chicken chop is whereby the owner insist of grilling it instead of frying it. This is to ensure its juiciness, trapping every oil under its skin. Generous amount of salad and french fries are being served along with this dish.

Additional Information:
Address: No. 3, Gerai MDMG, Kampung Seri Lalang, 86800 Mersing, Johor.
Operating Hours: –
Phone: 012-733 7083
Website: –

  1. Restoran Makanan Laut Yong Seng

On our last pick on Mersing food, Restoran Makanan Laut Yong Seng is also one of the restaurant that have massive crowds daily in Mersing. This restaurant serves also seafood that are fresh from sea to table. The staffs here were also friendly even when the restaurant is in massive crowd, they will still serve you patiently and assist you in ordering your preferred dishes. This Chinese restaurant serves a variety of seafood.

The only seafood delicacy which stands out in this restaurant will be their unique Chinese Style Steamed Crab. Yes, the crab is steamed instead of being fried! This unique dishes used hard-shell crabs and steamed with rice wine and ginger, giving it a soft textured flesh. The rice wine also provides a fresh and sweet broth. Without adding any sugar in this dish, you can still taste its natural sweetness as the crabs were fresh from the port daily.

Besides, there are other seafood available here such as a variety of fishes, prawns, squids and some veggies. Match your preferred seafood with a bowl of rice and you are good to go. The price of every dishes sold here are relatively cheap, so you do not have to worry about spending a lot on seafood delicacy here!

Additional Information:
Address: No.51, Jalan Ismail, Mersing Kechil, 86800 Mersing Johor.
Operating Hours: Daily 7am – 10pm
Phone: 013-779 9689
Website: –

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