Chin Swee Caves Temple: The Gem In Genting Highlands You Must Visit

Chin Swee Caves Temple: The Gem In Genting Highlands You Must Visit

Chin Swee Caves Temple: The Gem In Genting Highlands You Must Visit

Located near the peak of Resorts World Genting, Chin Swee Caves Temple was built after the completion of First World Hotel and Casino at Genting Highland Resort. This Taoist temple was officially open to public on 29 March 1994. Tan Sri Lim, the elected chairman of Chin Swee Temple Society, was born in Penglai Village in China. He decided to build this temple because he watched his parents and relatives pay respect to the Reverend Chin Swee, and all of their prayers were answered.

Therefore, within the Chin Swee Caves Temple sits a statue of the Reverend Chin Swee. This Reverend is referred to a Buddhist monk in Fujian Province, China who has the ability to summon rain and drive away evil spirits. His motivation strengthen as he further discover a spot similar to Chin Swee Crag at the Penglai Village in Fujian, China. Once the decision is made, Tan Sri Lim starts gathering a group of friends, and Chin Swee Temple Society is formed. Most of the members were of the Anxi Clan from his ancestry village of Penglai.

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Since then, every difficulty for this project have been solved perfectly. For example, the steep and rocky surface of this project site is impossible to utilize modern machinery for fundamental work, such as piling. Manual labor has been deployed and a total of 18 years were spent. If you wondering what you can do at here, let’s get into the attractions available here.

  1. Pagoda
  2. Sky Terrace
  3. Statue of Guan Yin
  4. Statue of Buddha – The Bodhisattva Ksitisarbha
  5. 10 Chambers of Hell
  6. Bridge of Fairies
  7. 9 Color Dragon Wall of Luck
  8. Gods of Fuk-Luk-Sau
  9. Dragon Mineral Water
  10. Buddha Temple
  11. Chin Swee Temple
  12. Statue of Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong
  13. Eight Fairies
  14. 18 Immortals
  15. Laughing Buddha
  16. Chin Swee Deity
  17. Four Celestial General Hall
  18. Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong Hall
  19. Vegetarian Restaurant


  1. Pagoda

This nine-storey Pagoda is the main attraction of Chin Swee Caves Temple. There are more than 10,000 “blessing lamps” in this pagoda, dedicated to those that they would like to be blessed by Buddha. Besides, there are many figurines of the Buddha in this Pagoda. Visitors are allowed to climb up to the top, where you will be greeted with spectacular panoramic views of the mountain.


  1. Sky Terrace

Sky Terrace is a part of Chin Swee Caves Temple where you can enjoy walking around with the “clouds in heaven” over a large square spreading 35,000 square feet. This place is a place for heavenly offering. You can also chill with nice environment and fresh air here as there are several gazebos being placed for visitor to rest their tired feet. The pathway leading down to the main temple are stone cravings imported from China. These stone cravings illustrate 24 stories of filial piety from ancient China.

For example, a child in a poor family would warm a bed by lying on it before letting her parents sleep on it during winter. Besides, there are also a child who wears colorful clothes just to please her parents who loved bright colors. These stories reminds us being filial piety to our parents, as they must have contributed all of their to you.

  1. Statue of Guan Yin

  1. Statue of Buddha – The Bodhisattva Ksitisarbha

chin swee caves temple - Statue of Buddha - The Bodhisattva Ksitisarbha

This statue of Buddha also attracts visitor to visit this temple. The stone cravings are so spectacular and it faces toward the mountains. It is a great spot for you to take photography and meditate under this serene environment.

  1. 10 Chambers of Hell

chin swee caves temple - 10 chambers of hell

10 Chambers of Hell may not be your children favorite spots. We suggest that you do not bring your children to this attraction if possible as your little ones might get scare. 10 Chambers of Hell aims to discourage bad conduct by depicting the painful experiences an evil person would encounter in Hell. Each of the Chambers in Hell dictate different meaning.

The First Chamber of Hell, where dead souls will first arrive, screen the character of a dead person and his past deeds. Good person would be sent for rebirth in the Heavenly Realm or Western Pureland of Great Bliss. While on the other hand, an evil person would be sent to one of the remaining nine chambers of hell, where degrees of punishment varies. As from our knowledge, the first chamber is guarded by Chin-Kwong-Wang, determining the fate of newly arrived souls.

Second Chamber of Hell deal specifically with people who had abducted men or women. Those who occupied properties not belonging to them or caused bodily harm to others will also fall into this chamber.

Third Chamber would mete out punishment to those who are ungrateful or disloyal people and thieves.

While for fourth chamber, those guilty of tax evasion, bullying and negligence are likely to receive their punishment here.

The Fifth Chamber of Hell deal with those found guilty of rape, murder and also fighting.

Sixth Chamber deals specifically with those who had engaged in vandalism, or has shown disrespect for religion.

Next, Seventh Chamber of Hell deals with those who had been involving in trafficking, abortion, gambling, and other dishonest activities.

The Eighth Chamber further responsible in punishing people who had not shown filial piety towards their parents and also those who shown disrespect behavior towards the elders.

Lastly, the last chamber which imposes punishment, the Ninth Chamber deals with people who burn and damage properties of others.

While for the Tenth Chamber of Hell, this will be the chamber where reincarnation and rebirth take places. The Tenth Chamber will then decide on the form, place and sex in matter of reincarnation and rebirth.

  1. Bridge of Fairies

chin swee caves temple - bridge of fairies

Visitors will be greeted by the the smiling faces of the “Seven Fairies” descending from heaven with grace here at the Bridges of Fairies. These fairies are followed by the three Gods of Fook-Look-Sou which “Fook” represents luck, “Look” represents wisdom, and “Sou” represents longevity. Besides, there are also Wang-Mo-Liang-Liang (Mother Goddess) as she descends to earth in a heavenly chariot.

  1. 9 Color Dragon Wall of Luck

chin swee caves temple - 9  color dragon wall of luck

9 Colors Dragon Wall of Luck stands right at the entrance to greet visitors. Each dragon on this wall has different dispositions and colors, represents a special type of luck. According to the myth of ancient China, if a scholar meets a “yellow dragon” on his way to take the imperial examinations, he will surely get the highest marks and become a high-ranking Mandarin official who would be serving the yellow-robed Emperor in the Imperial Palace.

Get to this wall of luck to receive blessings from the dragons now!

  1. Gods of Fuk-Luk-Sau

  1. Dragon Mineral Water

  1. Buddha Temple

chin swee caves temple - buddha temple

  1. Chin Swee Temple

chin swee caves temple - chin swee temple

  1. Statue of Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong

chin swee caves temple - statue of tan sri lim goh tong

Tan Sri Lim himself led a donation drive and contributed a 28-acre land for this project. Besides, his companies Genting Berhad and Resorts World Berhad also made a cash donation of RM8.1 million.

  1. Eight Fairies

chin swee caves temple - eight fairies

  1. 18 Immortals

chin swee caves temple - 18 immortals

  1. Laughing Buddha

  1. Chin Swee Deity

chin swee caves temple - chin swee deity

  1. Four Celestial General Hall

chin swee caves temple - four celestial general hall

  1. Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong Hall

Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong Hall is a place used by devotees, students and also public for prayers, reflection, meditation, self-discovery and also as retreat. It is a popular spot for such activities because of its tranquil environment of the temple at 4,600 feet above sea level.

  1. Vegetarian Restaurant

chin swee caves temple vegetarian restaurant

Chin Swee Vegetarian Restaurant offers devotees and visitor healthy vegetarian food. This restaurant is situated on top of a mountain and is surrounded by a magnificent natural landscapes. Accompanied with cool natural air flow and soothing music, you may not want to missed this serene and cosy restaurant for your healthy lunch routine.

As Chin Swee Vegetarian Restaurant is the only vegetarian restaurant in Genting Highlands, you get to taste the most authentic vegetarian food at highly affordable price. Its menu offers fresh veggies, mushrooms, bean curd, yam baskets, claypot & hotplate, vegetarian delights, herbal steamed soup, rice & noodles, Dim Sum, desserts as well as Indian delights.

We highly recommend you to try out their their Luffa Beancurd, Burdock Root Stream Soup, Handmade Stuffed Mushrooms, Sweet Potato Tong Sui and also Yam Basket with Kong Poh Chicken. Chin Swee Vegetarian Restaurant caters for dine-in, tour groups and also ceremonies. Prices range for dine-in was around RM35-RM40 per person.

Additional Information:
Address: Chin Swee Caves Temple, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang. Malaysia.
Tel: +603-6101 1613/ +6017-811 1613
Operating Hours: Daily 8.30am-8.30pm
Site: Chin Swee Vegetarian Restaurant

Over decades, Chin Swee Caves Temple set to become one of the leading Chinese Temples in Southeast Asia. Beside  being a place to pay homage to the Reverend Chin Swee, Chin Swee Caves Temple will also be a place to learn and understand the richness of ancient Chinese traditions. This place will also promote greater understanding on some of the teachings of past Chinese teachers and sages. With its available facilities, Chin Swee Caves Temple is a strategic venue for group activities, meditation, yoga, Tai-Chi and many more.

Chin Swee Caves Temple can be accessible with ease via Awana SkyWay or driving. If you are driving here to this temple, worry not as there are 112 bay of car parks. If you wish to take the Awana Skyway, you can park your car at Awana SkyWay Car Park, there are around 4,500 car parks bay available. Disembarking at Chin Swee Caves Temple would not cost you additional charges, if you are taking the Awana SkyWay.

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